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Thank you, Cake Club, for your kind and wonderful words!!

If you haven’t heard of this little nugget of gold located on St Johns road in Waterloo where have you been? Caz’s Kitchen might be defined by some as simply a cake shop, but to those who know, it is so much more than that.

The Womens Organisation

For about 2-3 years now I have been coming to your wonderful cake shop and been buying raw vegan goodies, however this week I am being admitted to a mental health ward to help with my eating disorder recovery. Although this may not seem like a positive message it truly is meant to be, I may not have been strong enough to beat the voices on my own but your cakes where a large part of my own trial at recovering. Your shop has such a positive vibe towards food and loving yourself. I go in there and I feel safe and happy, and there are almost no food places I ever feel like that but you have managed to create a safe space and for that, I couldn’t thank you enough


This is the best you can get, Caroline/John/Neil and the rest of the team are just amazing people with amazing tastes and creative minds! The results of such extraordinary people result in this amazing and successful “cake love business” ..whatever you put in the cakes I want more!! I recommend this business they will look after you and all your needs!

Paul Nugent

Owner, Twelve

I don’t eat cake. I don’t go in to cake shops. But I do eat Caz’s cakes and I do go in to Caz’s cake shop every week! Caroline Hill does more than just “cake” Caz is a bundle of love genius in the kitchen and her warmth, humour, and love of people and her community flows into her cakes! Thank you, Caz for baking, sharing, loving and living like you do! Long live the cake revolution

Jenni Jones

What’s so unique about Caz’s cakes is that they are REAL. She uses nothing artificial, chooses butter over margarine and the flavours come from in-house roasted nuts, Belgian couverture chocolate, and fruits from her allotment. In fact, everything about Caz herself, her kitchen and her team is REAL

The Womens Organisation

SOMETHING draws you towards Caz’s Kitchen, whether the non-conformist colours or the free and easy way with fonts or maybe aroma of cakes, tarts, tortes, cheesecake, and traybakes. Let us not beat about either the bush or the egg whites here: Caroline Hill makes exceedingly good cakes. In a world where there is never enough time or inclination to make good cake, Caz, as everyone knows her, is perhaps a life-saver. Verdict: Homegrown and local at its best. 18/10

Liverpool Confidential

I love you more than cake

So I want to give this place and its wonderful staff another shout out. It is not a social enterprise as such… but it is a business with a huge heart. I witness Caroline Hill giving so much to the community… creating so many connections… supporting so many local businesses. Amazing. There are social enterprises that don’t make half the loving and caring impact that Caz and her team do. This little shop makes a HUGE difference.

Jacquie Johnston Lynch

I don’t come in every week, but I try to come in often. Because… You’re an inclusive independent business who caters for all and gives back to the community in a variety of ways. The general ethos is wellbeing, whether it’s being cheered up by cake or treating yourself but being healthy. That’s what makes you stand out and that’s why you should win Also, you make amazing cakes with natural ingredients. What’s not to love? Where there’s cake, there’s hope.

Gerlinde Pilkington

Thank you so much for the lactation cookies!! I was starting to think I would have to stop breastfeeding/expressing for my baby boy but since I’ve been eating your cookies my supply has almost doubled!! So happy! Xx

Jody Nicholson

Caz’s Kitchen came about as a result of shop owner Caroline Hill’s growing dissatisfaction with the food and nutrition industry. She had worked for the supermarkets, noting the food being produced was often of a low standard. In response, she opens Caz’s Kitchen, a company with a focus on the local community – and the brilliance of a good cake

Liverpool Echo

Martyn Pounder name checks Caz’s kitchen for its gluten free and dairy free cakes “everything is still at grassroots level,” Pounder says. “Hoi polloi haven’t arrived – it feels authentic, that’s the charm of the place”

The Sunday Times

Caz’s Kitchen have been cheerleading and supporting us with our community projects at big love Sista from the start in a very quiet unassuming creative way… We are so grateful and I believe they see this community support they give to us and so many others as an integral part of how they do business and operate in the world – hence it’s not something they shout from the rooftops about it’s just how they operate and see themselves as part of a wider community picture … but we would like to shout from the rooftops that more than any other company we have worked alongside they are stars and could teach us all so much about what’s important .. I believe their business model is something every business could be inspired by…

Clare Beloved

Big Love Sista

Caz is a nutritionist by background, hence something called wise woman cake loaded with elements known for brain-boosting, hormone balancing, bone strengthening properties, and, coming soon, lactation cakes. They’re good for you but they do not bear the bitter taste of righteousness. A super berry powerbomb (£2.40 to eat in, £1.60 to take away) is a toothsome, slow-release explosion of fruit, seeds, and shades of coconut all wrapped up in a soft oaty ball. Have one for breakfast.

Liverpool Confidential

So, where do I begin to explain how amazing this place is. It is a hub within the community. Somewhere you are always made to feel welcome and valued. You are remembered and cherished, whether you are buying one cake or lots. Staff always have time to listen and talk, ingredients are explained and allergies and health needs always catered for. Staff will always tell you about new bakes and about the allotment process. There is no rush or pressure to buy. There is always a buzz and excitement in the shop but also a feeling of calm and well being. I don’t know how they do it but it is a little bit of heaven.

Debbie Santangeli